5 Reasons Every Marketer Should Be Printing In 2021

By Jake Fischer |

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As every marketer in today’s digital age knows, what you say matters. We contest that what you create is equally as essential as any catchy slogan may be. In this blog, we will uncover the hidden benefits of the printing industry that can help every marketer grow his or her next campaign.

Five Reasons Every Marketer Should Be Printing Now!

1. Create A Memory

Without a doubt, one of every marketer's favorite success metrics is their open rate. Open rates are an essential metric but leave out valuable information like time spent per open. When observing email data, critical metrics like time spent per open dwarfs in comparison to that of direct mail. The average email is read for only around 13.4 seconds (if it's even read at all). Direct mail or print marketing attract significant amounts of attention and last exponentially longer in the hands of the consumer. According to recent research by U.K.-based Go-Inspire, the average lifespan of direct mail is approximately 17 days. This tremendous improvement proves valuable for marketers hoping to create memories that last with their consumers longer.

2. Discover Loyalty

Loyalty to your brand is everything. Through variable printing, complete customization, and pure connectivity drive loyalty in every customer. What is variable printing? Essentially, it is a form of digital printing that allows our printers to alter images, names, and locations to directly target each member of your ideal audience! This revolutionary technology allows for more precision in marketing than any other medium, even that of social media. A physical outreach makes your presence known in a way only outpaced by a physical handshake.

3. Explore More

Unlike in email marketing, there is no legal or ethical obligation to obtain 100% opt-in lists. Mail marketing allows for a greater reach to every audience. As technology continues to overwhelm our modern lives, a growing number of people are paying less and less attention to marketers’ digital efforts. Throughout the next decade, we predict growth in the segment of the population that continues to ignore the influx of digital messages received on a daily basis. To reach a wider spectrum of the American population, print marketing is the way! 

 4. Generate Leads

Direct mail statistics from 2020 show a jaw-dropping 9% response rate amongst B2C campaigns targeted at select households. If your brand is new in an area and looking to grow through generous lead generation, print is the way to go. Direct mail, handouts at trade shows, and billboards all prove essential to driving business through your doors organically. When you’re ready to grow- Print!

5. Prove Quality

In print, quality abounds! Only with the best commercial printer will your brand explode from pages with vibrant ink and designs. To prove your quality as a brand, consider package inserts, thick business cards, or creative personalization. A-Grade print is subconsciously associated with quality in the eyes of the American consumer. With our brains working so quickly behind the scenes, it becomes all the more important to make a premier impression at first glance and touch. Brands that are able to make meaningful connections outside of the digital realm will continue to see success well beyond 2021.  


Every marketer should be printing in 2021! We know that you’ve probably read other blogs claiming that print is dead, or that you should focus your entire budget aimed at digital sales. While we agree that digital is vital to a robust marketing portfolio, we guarantee that a quick and easy way to differentiate yourself from your competition is through colorful, creative print!

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