Our Top 10 FAQ's

By Jake Fischer |

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We get asked lots of questions every day! As a resource to you, we compiled a list of ten of the most common questions our clients ask us. Of course, many of your questions may be left unanswered by this highlight. So that we can further assist you, please call or email one of our Account Executives with any questions you may have!

  1. How do I get an estimate?
  2. How long will it take to complete my order?
  3. What is the best file format for my commercial print? Dimensions? Quality?
  4. What size should my print be? Does my order include envelopes? Do you offer custom envelope printing?
  5. How will the print differ from my computer screen?
  6. What types of print materials do you offer?
  7. What is ‘Crop and Bleed’?
  8. Should I print offset or digital?
  9. What is variable data printing?
  10. Can I receive a ‘proof’ of my printing job?

1. How do I get an estimate?

We’re glad you’re interested in working with our dedicated team! To get an estimate, click here or call an account executive to get started. We can process almost any quote within the hour!


2. How long will it take to complete my order?

Great question! Completing your order depends on several factors (file quality, job size, complexity of order), but will generally be completed within one business day and shipped out immediately after. Depending on where you are in the United States, you could have a print in hand within a day or two thanks to our preferred partnership with FedEx!


3. What is the best file format for commercial printing? Dimensions? Quality?

We can accept file formats of almost any kind but ideally prefer a CMYK Hi-Res PDF. Our pre-press team can help perfect your file so that you get the highest quality of print possible! Dimensions for printing are generally left up to you. We can accommodate nearly any file dimension known to man! When considering file quality, it is essential to save files at 300 dpi. If you save a file from the internet, it will likely be 72 DPI or 96 DPI. It is best to avoid these types of files because they generally appear pixelated and blocky once printed.


4. Does my order include envelopes? Do you offer custom envelope printing?

We have envelopes of all sizes ready for your order. Envelopes do not come standard with many prints, so be sure to ask your Account Executive for more details concerning dimensions and envelope quality. We do offer custom envelope printing! We have experience printing and designing envelopes carefully created for your company’s next direct mailing or invoice send out!


5. How will the print differ from my computer screen?

The divide between the computer screen and print has shrunk dramatically over the past decade. Now, the difference between computer screen and print is minimal. Yet, the difference is still noticeable because computers utilize RGB displays, while commercial printers use CMYK methods. In reality, about 90% of your printed colors will match identically to what you see on your computer screen. To minimize the 10% color difference, utilize the CMYK setting in Photoshop!


6. What types of print materials do you offer?

We offer a wide range of prints for your marketing team! A list of our offerings are as follows:

-Wide Format Printing

           - Banner Printing

           - Sign Printing

           - Flag Printing

           - A-Frame Signs

           - Decals and Clings

           - Trade-Show Display Signs

           - So much more!

- Offset Printing

- Digital Printing

- Brochure Printing

- Variable Imaging  

- Direct Mailing

- Everything Else!

If you can think of it, we can print it.


7. What is ‘Crop and Bleed’?

Crop and Bleed and essential aspects of commercial printing. Crop marks allow our cutters to know exactly which aspects of your design to keep, and which to cut off! Crop marks are necessary if your design will bleed off of the edges of your print! 

We tried to give you the Cliff Note version of bleed, but thought our friends at The Print Group Australia described the importance better—

 “To have bleed on a document means that the printed design is intending to extend to one or more of the edges of the document. Bleed is typically required to extend 2mm or more past the crop marks. This ensures that when the document is trimmed, the design does go to the very edge of the page. As printing is a manufactured process, slight variations in trimming are simply part of the process. If there is no bleed, the likelihood of having a white stripe on the edge of the finished product is high.

Regardless if the document has bleed or not, any print job that needs to be trimmed to size will require crop marks. These can be applied using the same software used to create your design. Commercial printers typically print on paper that is larger than your actual document size. This enables them to print multiple copies per sheet, then using the crop marks as guides, trim to its final size.”

 We’re here to help make sure that your print comes out exactly as you imagine. Please do not hesitate to ask for help in the design process! 


8. Should I print offset or digital?

This is a complex question, and we’re glad you asked! We wrote a blog about this topic and suggest reading it to uncover some secrets of the printing world! Of course, our commercial print team in Nashville is always ready to help answer any questions you may have between the two types of printing.


9. What is variable printing?

Variable printing is an amazing tool built for full print customization! Variable printing is a form of digital printing that allows for our machines to change portions of your print during production to ensure premier personalization. For example, variable printing allows for changes in images, headlines, names, or colors with the single touch of a button. Variable printing is especially useful in a direct mailing where we can ensure your clients know you’re marketing team is targeting them personally.


10. Can I receive a ‘proof’ of my printing job?

Of course, you can! We’re here to help make your printing experience the best in the United States. To request a proof, just ask your Account Executive and we will get your print rushed to you for your review! Love it or hate it, we can always find a way to improve for you!

At Fidelity Offset, we pride ourselves in being Nashville’s Premier Commercial Printer. We understand that to create the best experience possible, you need a human connection and tailored response built specifically for your brand. Ready to get printing? Contact Us Today!