Custom branded web storefronts

Ever had the headache of ordering custom prints with another printer? It's inefficient, complicated, and difficult to scale for national organizations. That's why we created Fidelity's custom branded web storefronts!

This free service allows us to create a custom online storefront  built specifically to reduce your brands burden of ordering prints by providing a single, simple interface that allows real-time shipping estimates, customized ordering, and complex inventory management. 

How can our complimentary branded web storefront help your brand?

  • Adherence to corporate brand standards, including managing assets across different sub-brands, locations, departments, and more
  • Multi-user interface with customized controls and on-demand reporting
  • Real-time file and inventory management
  • Automated workflow for approvals, shipping, and distribution
  • Compliance with all procurement and accounting requirements
  • Consolidated billing options
  • Bulk pricing

Centralize & Streamline Your Entire Material Workflow

Our online storefront enables any branch within your company to customize, order, and track all printed materials and billings. Whether you need a brochure or a business card, you can customize your materials using corporate-approved templates, then ship to your local office through a simple, intuitive interface. Saving time and money has never been this easy.

Materials, both physical and digital, are housed within our servers. We store your bulk-printed materials in our warehouse and only bill for each item as it is shipped to you within 24 hours of your original order. The result? Volume discount prices without the up-front costs. It's how we help you do business.