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    Fidelity Offset has been my exclusive provider of printing, direct mail and related services for nearly 20 years. During that time, they have provided exceptional solutions at reasonable expense, regardless of the difficulty or simplicity of the assignment. Time and again they have gone above and beyond to deliver outstanding products and results for my company and my clients on budget and on time. Most importantly, they have demonstrated excellence and integrity every step of the way during all of our work together. For all printing, direct mail and related needs, I enthusiastically recommend Fidelity Offset.

    Matt Fontana

    Managing Partner - Relativity Group

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    Fidelity is a true business partner for Brookdale. I have been impressed by how important our needs are and by how much personal effort goes into making us successful. This year, we had a large meeting where our printed materials got returned by the delivery service. It seemed that we would need to proceed without the benefit of the materials. Instead, Michael flew through a thunderstorm on his private plane to bring the materials to our meeting. Needless to say, we were beyond grateful. I have never seen an organization more focused on customer service. I feel honored to be able to work with such a dedicated vendor.

    Cindy Baier

    President and CEO of Brookdale Senior Living

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    Customer Service….Always above and beyond!

    Fidelity Offset Puts the ‘WOW’ in Customer Service!

    Steffany Spry Daniel

    Production Specialist, Thomas Nelson

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    The folks at Fidelity make us feel like we’re the only customers they have!  No job is too big or complicated.  They are literally our right-hand folks!!

    Carol Gore

    Brookdale Creative Group

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    It was a breath of fresh air being able to work with Fidelity. They are responsive and have the best customer service of any printer I have worked with by far. I can't recommend this company enough.

    Janelle Ligrani
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    Fidelity Offset is a partner who truly enhances the service we can offer our customers. Their managed print services provide fast, accurate, customized print materials for our customers; and their customer service is unmatched in response time and integrity. Working with Micheal, Audrey, or Justin is always a pleasant experience – a real positive in the workday!

    Sound Physicians
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    Great partner! From flyers to banners, Fidelity processes our print jobs quickly with 100% accuracy. Our rep, Audrey, even showed up at one of our events to set up a banner for us.

    Greg Stephens
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    Was a great place to work

    Roger Walker
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    Fidelity Offset has been a true blessing to us since we began doing business. We are continually satisfied with their wonderful service, extremely competitive pricing, and reliable quality. We love working with Fidelity and highly recommend them to anyone that is considering them as a printer

    Wes Oberg

    Bolthouse Farms

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    Without a doubt Fidelity has proven that I can trust them above the competition with all my time and quality sensitive projects. The knowledgeable staff guides me to the best solutions for me and my customers.

    Danielle Worley

    Graphic Designer |  Digital Production Services |  RJ Young Company

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    DeAnne Howard is the most driven and customer service oriented sales person I’ve ever encountered. Her excellence and keen eye for detail allow me to relax and know Fidelity has my projects under control.

    Working with Fidelity is more than a business transaction, it’s a ongoing relationship built on excellent customer service and exceptional deliverables.

    Malea Barron

    Marketing & Public Relations Specialist

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    Fidelity Offset is my go-to vendor for best balance of high quality, low cost and near-impossible turnaround.

    Louis LaPrad

    Sr. Graphic Designer / Marketing Department / Vanderbilt Medical Center

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    No matter how big or how small the job, I always know that Fidelity will get it right and on time.  EVERY time.

    Jill Link

    Associate Director of Production, Provident Music Group

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    I work for a very dynamic advertising agency which makes me a very demanding client. Fidelity has jumped through crazy hoops to help facilitate my agency’s success for three straight years. I have called Fidelity with special project needs, tight timeframe needs and occasionally extreme favor requests in the midst of many multi-million dollar client kick-offs. Fidelity has not ever let me down. They jump into the trenches with me during production and they stand-by their work. I could not recommend Fidelity Offset more highly.

    Gina Grimes Kelley

    Director of Production, Financial Marketing Solutions

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    Fidelity Offset is one of the best printers in Nashville. They are consistent in print quality, but what makes them exceptional is their amazing customer service. Our rep Greg Weldon is the most attentive and pro-active rep we’ve ever dealt with!” 

    Joel Anderson

    President of Anderson Design Group

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    I am proud to have Fidelity Offset as a preferred vendor for my clients.  Their attention to detail exceeds expectations and their ability to provide efficient deliveries has yet to be matched by any known competitor!

    Paula Swift

    Prosper Business Image Consulting

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    "On every job I expect perfection. Fidelity Offset always, always exceeds my expectations.”

    “Fidelity Offset not only makes my job easier, they also make my reputation better.”

    “I was sold on Fidelity Offset’s quality, but their customer service has hooked me for life.”

    “In a world full of printers, Fidelity Offset is the only one that goes the extra mile and consistently delivers the best."

    Billy Nichols

    Image Juice

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    With one exception, FIDELITY OFFSET PRINTING, the word Quick! does not usually go along with the words Dependable, Qualified, Efficient and Affordable .  In the over 20 years of working in this industry in Nashville, I have not found another printer that is as consistent in all of the areas above as FIDELITY OFFSET PRINTING. 

    Gayle R. Sloan

    Print Production Manager,  JA Integrated Thinking

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    I’ve worked with print companies for nearly a decade and have never been so pleased with the end product and customer service that Fidelity provides. Micheal, Allison and Alicia are always extremely pleasant to work with and very professional. 

    Jennifer Malloy

    Brookdale Creative Services

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    Fidelity is absolutely wonderful to work with!!  They do everything in their power to make my job as easy as possible and for that I am truly thankful."

    Karen Rives

    Marketing Coordinator, Brookdale Senior Living

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    Thanks so much for helping us make our client look like a rock star. We really appreciate it.

    Kevin Endres

    Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director, JA Integrated Thinkig

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    Nothing compares to the incredible service that Fidelity provides our company

    Stephanie Gibson

    Brookdale Creative Services

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    There are a lot of printing options in Nashville, and Fidelity Offset has proven to have the best customer service. As a small design firm, it is nice to have a printing company that accommodates all types of jobs - no matter the size. With Fidelity, you'll always get a superior print quality and excellent customer service.

    Robin Estep

    Graphic designer with Robin E Designs