4 Tips for Marketing in a Pandemic

By Jake Fischer |

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Covid-19 has upended the way hundreds of millions of people around the world communicate and live every single day. Yet, we still manage to find normalcy in a time of chaos by focusing on what unites businesses- customers. Although life may not look the same as it did eight months ago, and it probably never will look the same again, we are learning from our experiences and developing better strategies to effectively reach clients in new, creative, ways. At Fidelity, we strive to serve our customers proactively by equipping them with the knowledge necessary to develop their business, grow their client base, and innovatively maintain their clientele. Continue reading below to discover four new ways to help your business stand out in our changing world!

1) Broadcast Your Culture-

You know who you are, and so do your employees- but do your customers know more than just a name? When distance separates a brand and its customers, it can be incredibly difficult to humanize your brand without a coordinated strategy. Are you more likely to buy something from your friend, or a random guy on the street? Your friend, of course! So, make your brand a friend. In doing this, it is nearly certain your sales will increase, and your retention rates will soar.

The easiest way to humanize yourself is to communicate not only who you are and what you do, but why you do it! Consumers connect with people and stories, sure, but they really drive passion when learning Why brands do what they do.

Communicate your ‘Why’ through print and digital media! Start small with your social media, and grow your base until you can deliver an effective print campaign. In the following points, we will highlight why it is so important to hammer home not just digital, but also print marketing!

2) Mail directly to your consumers- Stay Connected

You may think print is old fashioned- it is, but that’s why consumers love it. Digital media can be overwhelming when the average consumer is hit with thousands of messages a day. Yet, when was the last time you received a handwritten letter or customized message in the mail? With so much disconnect caused by the virus, stay on your client’s minds, and stand out from the other well-versed messages by connecting with print!

Think about it like this- if you’re working from home, you are more than likely working on your computer. This probably means you get anywhere between 10 to 20 junk emails a day, 100’s of clickable ads on Google, and probably 20 commercials an hour blaring from the T.V. How many letters or postcards do you get? Maybe two or three a week? Stand out from the clutter of digital media by marketing yourself through print- Stay Connected. Stay Memorable.

3) Do The Most

Go above and beyond for your clients! The best and most rewarding marketing available anytime, not just during Covid-19, is through referrals. The easiest way to get referrals is by going above and beyond for your clients. There are a million ways to do this, all of which are specific to your business, but the common theme throughout is to be consistently better than expectations. Not only does it feel good to have done the right thing, but your customers will throw referrals at you left and right for helping them out!

Here at Fidelity, we practice what we preach. Last Summer, President Micheal Spurgeon was contacted by the CEO of a large client in Dallas who stated they were in dire need of last-minute critical print for a presentation the next day. With the client in mind, Michael personally flew the materials from Nashville to Dallas through inclement weather. Go the extra mile for your clients, and they will reward you with their loyalty! Read more here about how Michael saved the day.

4) Promote Yourself Through Print- Be (Ink)redible

While every blog and news site is saying ‘go digital!’, create your own stream by targeting customers with print! When every single one of your competitors goes left- go right. Know that you are making a good decision by understanding that 82% of consumers trust print, 77% of millennials pay strict attention to print, & when compared to other mediums, consumers develop stronger emotional connections to print. So, what most claim is a gamble, is actually backed by generous data & has been proven effective for decades. Print is tangible, it’s real, and consumers trust it. Try print and you will see amazing results. 

Life is anything but normal right now- make sure your marketing isn’t either. No matter how you choose to market, do so consistently. A strong schedule, backed by analytics, will guarantee growth and develop your brand image.

For more information on how Fidelity can grow your business with tailored solutions, follow us on Facebook & LinkedIn. If there is anything Fidelity can do to help your business, feel free to reach out to Micheal Spurgeon at micheal@printfidelity.com or call us at (615) 244-9200.