How Fidelity Offset, Inc. Helped A Large Corporation Fulfill Urgent Printing Needs

By Fidelity Offset, Inc. |


As commercial printers in Nashville, Tennessee, we have been successfully managing the diverse printing needs of major corporations since 1999. We take immense pride in our automated workflow, affordable services, and efficient delivery. Very often, we go above and beyond to deliver services to clients to ensure they aren’t left stranded.

Keep reading to learn how Fidelity Offset, Inc. helped a client with a time-sensitive printing job.

The Challenge: Urgent prints to be delivered to another state.
We love a challenge because testing our limits helps us continually improve and expand our array of services. Recently, we faced one such scenario where a client, who is the CEO of a large corporation, was scheduled to have a meeting in Dallas, Texas. The weekend before the meeting, they determined that they needed an additional piece of material printed, which was critical to the meeting. As they did not know or trust any local printers, they enlisted our services all the way in Nashville, Tennessee.

While we took great pride in undertaking this job, our challenge was going to be transporting the printed material to Dallas. However, what made the transportation of the printed material a bigger challenge was the new Transport Security Administration (TSA) requirements for same day shipping.

The Solution: Personally delivering the prints.
Determined to assist the client in any way we could, we printed the material and prepped it for transportation. As the new Transport Security Administration (TSA) requirements for same day shipping were a hurdle, our proprietor Micheal Spurgeon, who is a licensed pilot with a private plane, flew the box in bad weather from Nashville to Texas and delivered the printed material in time for the meeting.  

The Bottom Line
While this scenario required an unorthodox approach, as leading commercial printers in Nashville, Tennessee, we’re more than happy to go the extra mile and deliver services and products that please our clients. We provide managed print services for clients across the US and offer design, offset, digital, wide format, direct mail, fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution.

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