Five Creative Ideas for Your Next Custom Marketing Campaign

By Jake Fischer |

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Working on a tight deadline and need some creative help?

No, you don’t have to have a perfect idea every single time to be the world’s best marketer- you just have to learn how to execute your ideas in the most time-effective and profit-boosting way possible. Looking for that solution? Consider commercial print. 

Printing isn’t for everybody, but more likely than not, it’s for you. Next time you’re thinking about your ideal campaign, remember that 82% of folks trust print ads, 70% of consumers describe print marketing as more personal, and campaigns often result in a 13:1 return on your investment.

If commercial printing, a concept backed by generations worth of data analytics, is for you and your business, consider these campaigns, as well as three quick tips to ensure your graphic design works in favor of your marketing efforts.

          - Keep everything simple. From wording to layout, minimize the amount of content that appears on your print. Not only will it look more modern, but the actual information on your design will also be more easily retained. Who doesn’t want an audience to remember their message?

          - Use colors that not only capture attention but also reflect your brand image once printed. Although a neon yellow brochure may capture the attention of every person walking down the street, it probably doesn’t reflect your brand as a whole unless you’re Dollar General. Create designs that allow your target audience to directly associate your message with your brand subconsciously, well after your print is gone.

          - Your audience is smart. Really smart. No matter how well you design, curate, and type each word, they’re going to find something in your message that resembles an advertisement. Stop trying to sell your customers based solely on features! Sure, features are essential for some companies, but even then, companies like Apple don’t sell based on the newest features of the iPhone, they sell based on the value-added with each of these features. So, in your next print marketing campaign, consider building your graphic design based entirely around your value points, not the features that make your brand unique.

We get it, it’s hard being on the marketing team. Your life is a constant battle of low budgets and tight deadlines. Occasionally, you’re going to need some help getting a few creative ideas flowing- who doesn’t, right? Luckily, we came up with five easy designs that we promise your boss will love!

  1. A Brilliant Brochure

Who says brochure printing has to be boring? Keep it interesting and eye-catching with a modern design, creative colors, or a catchy headline. Even better, this design captivates readers with a seamless flow from page to page, telling a story brought to life through connectivity. When you’re brainstorming your next print campaign, consider a design that leaps off of the page with brilliant colors that compliment the overall mood of the project.

       2. Keeping It Simple

Keeping a print campaign simple probably sounds impossible. Remember, nobody wants to do complicated business. More than likely, your business is streamlined to ensure customers are always satisfied. Your design should simultaneously reflect this simplicity within its creativity. Radiate a simple message, a message as easy as 1,2,3, and your creativity will capture attention in a world filled with distractions.

        3. A Postcard of Benefits

As marketers, we oftentimes see our companies as the next great thing that offers so many great features our competitors cannot. Remember, though, your target markets don’t define value in the number of features, but rather in simplistic benefits. Keeping the benefits of your unique features at the center of your campaign will significantly increase the success of your printed message.

         4. Powerful Business Cards

In a post-pandemic world, there is likely no better way to increase the retainability of your marketing message than through a QR code business card. In 2019, many of us didn’t know we had a QR code scanner built into our iPhone camera, but here we are, living in a world where it’s the new norm. By adding a custom QR code to your business card, your brand can come to life with targeted messages and links to keep up with you on social media. QR codes will long outlive 2021- be ahead of the curve by adding a QR code to your business card today.

          5. Book? Pocket Folder? BookPocket?

Hey, we weren’t sure what to call this one but it’s a cool idea you should consider. For now, we’ll call it a mixture between a book and a pocket folder to avoid any infringement on copyright laws on BookPocket (if that's a thing?) This awesome design captures attention and maintains a lasting impression through its stuffability of additional marketing messages in the interior pocket. With the ability to educate in a simple, yet effective manner, this concept proves useful for any company looking to inform and retain clients with captivating designs.

Well, that just about does it. We know that inspiration and creativity come in waves of brilliant moments for some folks. So, next time you’re stuck in a valley lacking creativity, give us a call to learn how we can get you to the other side. We’ve been Nashville’s Premier Commercial Printer since we opened our doors in 1999. Allow our experience in custom print marketing campaigns to work for you and your brand next time you’re ready to print.

Ready to bring your brand to ink? Give us a call, or schedule a time to meet with us! We guarantee our quality and years of expertise in commercial printing will elevate your next print campaign beyond imagination.