Fidelity Offset Employee Spotlight- Blake Slota

By Jake Fischer |

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This month, meet Blake Slota! As our newest Account Executive, Blake joins our premier commercial printing team as a 2020 graduate from Belmont University. Bringing his local connections and outstanding education to the table, Blake is excited to welcome new clients with the same level of customer service you’ve come to expect from Fidelity Offset with every order. Let’s learn more about him!

Tell me who you are, where you’re from, and what you do:

My name is Blake Slota, I’m from Nashville, Tennessee, and I’m an Account Executive and marketing associate at Fidelity Offset. I’ve lived in Nashville since I was one when my family moved from Chattanooga.


Where did you go to high school and college?

I went to high school at Father Ryan High School, and college at Belmont University where I studied Business Administration.


Favorite memory from Father Ryan?

Hmmmmm…. It would probably have to be the time my choir took a trip to Disney World for five days. We were invited to perform and meet Mickey Mouse in Orlando while touring the really awesome parks there.


So, you loved music in high school, is this something you’re still passionate about?

Yeah, I actually play seven different instruments, and still sing regularly. I initially went to college to study the music business, but later transitioned to just business in an attempt to keep my options open after graduation.


Awesome! I’m really impressed with the fact that you play SEVEN instruments while managing to sing. Now, I’m sure as a singer you get asked this plenty, but do you sing in the shower?

Of course, I do.


Well, what’s your go-to song?

I guess it kind of depends on my mood. If I’m happy, it’s probably a good Queen song, or if I’m sad it’s more likely to be a wholesome country song about a bad breakup.


I can’t argue with that. So then do you have a go-to hype song that gets you going before e a big game or meeting?

That’s a great question. I would have to say ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen. No matter the situation, the song gets me going.


You’re clearly very musically inclined- are you also a sports guy? If so, what’s your favorite sport?

My favorite sport is definitely hockey. I played while growing up, all the way until I was a Sophomore in high school when I decided to focus more on music and theater. I still play on Sundays in Bellevue with a men’s league team full of old teammates.


It’s my understanding that you took that love for hockey into a part-time job at one point?

That’s right, that’s right. While in college, I actually worked for the Nashville Predators as a member of the ice crew. That meant shoveling built-up snow off the ice every period, cleaning the glass after the game, and picking up the occasional catfish from the ice!


Awesome, didn’t you become famous because of one of these ice fish?

Yeah, one time during the 2020 season, a catfish with a face mask was thrown onto the ice as a good luck charm for the season. I made it onto national television, Sportsnet, ESPN, TikTok, and, eventually, I became a meme throughout the internet.


Now that you’ve been at Fidelity for a few months, do you have a favorite part of the job? What’s your least favorite part?

Favorite Part: Being with so many amazing people every day. Whether that’s the new clients I’m meeting or the people that I work with who are so passionate about what they do, I love being around people.

Least Favorite Part: Dealing with plumbers and locksmiths. (If you ever jump on a call with Blake, ask him about the time he acted like a superhero when our water main broke during an ice storm)


When you were growing up, what did you always want to be?

Growing up I wanted to be lots of different things, but three big ones come to mind. At first, I wanted to be an astronaut like every kid does, but that progressed into wanting to be a famous musician that toured the world playing my songs. One of the more serious career aspirations I had as a kid was to be an architect. That was until I found out architects had to do math, then I decided it probably wasn’t the career suited for me.


If Fidelity gave you tomorrow off and gave you the company credit card, what would you do?

Now that’s a question I like. If I got the day off, I would take the credit card and my fiancé on a day trip to somewhere surrounding Nashville, like Chattanooga. It would be really nice to get out of town and get outside for a little bit. On the drive, though, I would probably be using the credit card to buy a few nicer things for myself for when I got home.


What is your favorite date spot in Nashville?

Casual date? Zaxby’s. 100%. You can’t go wrong with some Zax Sauce. But, if we’re going a little bit nicer, I’ll choose BurgerUp on 12 South. If you go, you’ve gotta get the DoubleUp burger. It’s basically two patties on a bun with an amazing dijonnaise sauce on it.

We hope you loved getting to know our newest team member a little bit better! Got questions about how to maximize ROI or your next direct mailing? Trying to find Nashville’s best commercial printer? Concerned about how your next brochure printing will turn out? Give Blake a call! He’s always here to provide you with the best printing experience possible. Want to meet the man himself? Click here to schedule a time to drop by the Print Shop to meet our Fidelity Offset Family!

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