Improving Lead Generation Through Direct Mail- Our Process

By Jake Fischer |

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We all know the feeling of leaving your desk one minute and coming back the next to 10 junk emails. You’re certainly not alone in this feeling, as the number of spam emails Americans receive has increased year over year. In 2020, more than 8 of every 10 emails the average person received was spam. Now, with so much junk floating around computers, it’s hard to stand out! To combat this overwhelming flood of digital marketing, we suggest hiring a commercial printer to mastermind your next direct mail campaign! When you decide to print, you’re not only proving your value as a company, you’re allowing your consumers to physically interact with you in one of the most effective lead generation techniques known to marketing.

Quick Direct Mail Lead Gen Facts:

  • 80% of Direct Mail is opened (Compared to 25% of emails)
  • 52% Want to receive Direct Mail
  • 76% trust direct mail more
  • 9% response rate (compared to around 1% digital)
  • Direct Mail takes 21% less cognitive effort
  • Direct Mail recipients spend 28% more than those who don’t receive Direct Mail
  • 41% look forward to receiving printed mail
  • 59% enjoy receiving mail from brands about new products

Fidelity Offset, Nashville’s Premier Commercial Printer, masters direct mail marketing in Nashville and throughout the United States with our quick and easy seven-step process. Want more info? We would love to hear from you!

Our Seven-Step Direct Mail Marketing Process to improve your lead generation:

1. Establish Your Goals

No Direct Mail campaign will be successful without prior planning! Be sure to remember your SMART goals when planning. What do you want to achieve with your prints? How will you measure your success? How will you transform this success into your next digital campaign supplement?  These are all crucial points to plan out before even designing your campaign!

2. Understand Your Audience

The power of direct mail has improved dramatically in recent years with the ability to specifically target exact demographics beyond just the wealthiest zip code. Now, with the power of Fidelity, we can send variable designs to precise targets to improve your response rates. Ask yourself what your target demographic is, but go further than that and ask what their behavioral trends are, what kind of mindset they’ll be in, in addition to how you think they will respond to your mailing. All of these plans will help grow your campaign past the ordinary and into the Fidelity standard.

3. Bring Your List or Let Us Create One for You

After you’ve nailed the planning aspect of your campaign, bring us your list! Our team of experts will gladly look over your lead list to advise you on the perfect target to improve your measurable goals. If you would like us to, we are happy to create a lead list for you. We have the technology and the manpower to curate the perfect lead list to optimize your campaign!

4. Send Us Your Design or Let Us create One for You with Our Graphic Design Service

Once you’re all set to go, let’s see that design! This is one of our favorite aspects of printing because it allows us to get a first-hand look at your imagination. If your team doesn’t have a graphic design studio on hand, we’re happy to transform your wildest dreams into a lasting impression. If you’re looking to tailor your message to an even more specific audience, we suggest sending multiple designs attached to their target audience so that we can use our variable printing technology to revolutionize your commercial print.

5. Consider QR Codes as a Measurement Tool

In the event that you’re stuck trying to figure out the best way to measure your success, research incorporating QR codes into your design. QR codes can take your new leads to a landing page or a video and can also help you track your response rate, conversion rate, lead behavior and so much more! QR codes are the future of direct mail, more so than coupons were in the early 2000s! These codes are simply the best way to help unify your offline and online presence in the homes of American’s nationwide.

6. Create a Follow-Up Digital Drip Campaign

Once you send us your super awesome designs, we’ll be sure to have them printed and ready for the mail within the next two business days. Once they’re on their way, you’ll only have a few days before your next campaign should be released to follow-up with these leads. A drip campaign is a perfect way to close the sale that your direct mail campaign began. Calls, emails, and targeted advertisements on social media will combine to ensure the most successful campaign imaginable.

7. We’ll Take Care of the Rest!

You’ve done the hard part; now it’s our turn! We’ll print, stamp, and mail your newest creations out whenever you’re ready. Don’t worry, though, this isn’t the last time you’re going to be hearing from us! We will keep you informed throughout the mailing process, and even follow-up with you to see how your campaign went! You’re no longer in this alone- we want to make sure every order is perfect every single time. From design to proof to execution- we stand behind our work!

Are you ready to print? We are! Your success is our passion. Give us a call to get started on your next great campaign! If you’re still unsure about our methods, watch the video below. Or, give us a call right now by clicking here!


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