SEO for Commercial Printers- Tips & Tricks for Every Print Marketer!

By Jake Fischer |

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As a commercial printer, we probably shouldn’t tell you how to get better at the game we all play. Too much competition, right? Well, call us the kindest printers in the world because if you’re a commercial printer, here are a few quick tips to improve your brand through killer SEO.

We can all admit that commercial printers as a whole aren’t generally on the cutting edge of technological development. It’s time for that to change. Your future clients are all digital masters- you need to be, too. As the average of the corporate decision-maker slowly creeps down, your digital presence is all the more important.

5 Quick SEO Tips for Every Commercial Printer

1-   Improve Your Content/Publish More Content

       Content. Content. Content. By far the most important form of SEO. We get it, Meta Tags and Long-Tail can be confusing- anybody can publish quality content. When was the last time you looked at the phrasing of your site’s pages? Have you ever written a blog on a weekly basis?

       When you look at the phrasing on your website, are you using words like ‘Commercial Printer Nashville’ or are you stuck talking about ‘banner printing in the United States’? When first starting out, focus on local Google rankings first. There are thousands of folks in the U.S. trying to be one of the top 10 on Google, but probably only one or two in your city.

       Blogs may require a little work but pay off in the long run for your site. All your company has to do is write engaging content that people care about! Your content doesn’t have to be written as eloquently as a T.S. Elliot novel, but it should be relevant to your industry directly.

2-   Speed Up Your Site

       If you read step one and thought that your content could be improved, the speed of your site could probably be improved, too. Google prides itself in sending users to speedy sites that are truly helpful in answering their questions. If your site is slow, Google realizes many people will eventually give up and turn off their computer.

       When doing a thorough scrub of your site, pay close attention to any attachments that take a long time to load, any links that don’t work, or files that are so large, users have to delete photos of their dog to open them. Commercial printing is difficult and complex- your users don’t need to see that. Make your site as seamless as their experience with your company- we can guarantee your search rankings will soar. 

3-   Long-Tail Keywords

       Ever heard of a long-tail keyword? If you haven’t, check out this helpful page to learn all about this type of SEO strategy for your commercial printing shop. When building content on your site, it’s critical that you include these keywords to make your site read more like a person would talk, as opposed to a formal conversation between SEO robots. Keep it casual by using some of the following phrases-

“Commercial printer near Nashville, Tennessee”

“Best Commercial Printer”

“Printing Services Nashville, Tennessee”

“Book Printing Nashville, Tennessee”

“Nashville Printing Companies”

“Nashville Print Shop”

“Commercial Printer Near Me”

           Change the Nashville aspect of the above, and you have yourself some great key phrases that people consistently search for. If you’re interested in finding more key phrases, just type in something like “Commercial Printer” and scroll to the bottom of the Google results page to see Google’s suggested searches. Include these on your site, and you’ll find yourself climbing pages daily.

4-   Meta Descriptions

       More for the expert, Meta Descriptions allow for complete personalization in Google search results. Next time you Google something, notice the small write-up below your search. This write-up is a Meta Description- a great way to populate on the first page of Google results, as well as captivate your audience during a search. If you control your site, consider writing a twenty-word description that explains why you’re the best commercial printer in the United States. Convince your audience that your printing services are unmatched with a clear and decisive hook!

5-   Keyword Your Images

       Adding quality keywords to your images will allow your company to scale to the top page with relatively little opposition. The key to image keywording is to keep the keys in the image relevant to the content seen on your page. Google values images so highly that they dedicated an entire page of their search engine to their results. To boost your SEO as a printer, write great descriptions of your images and watch the rankings!


SEO is one of the easiest ways to let new clients find you, rather than spending insane amounts of money hiring outside marketing firms. Don’t get frustrated when you don’t see immediate results, though. SEO is a long-term play designed to help carry your business into the future. Consistent, quality content driven to target keywords will ultimately boost your website to the top of the search listings. 

This blog may be designed for our competition, but if there is anything we can do to help you, please feel free to reach out to us! As many may have noticed, our printing firm has moved to Joelton, Tennessee to better serve the Greater Nashville Area. Ready to print with us? Call our local team today!