The Official Moving Announcement of Fidelity Offset, Inc.

By Jake Fischer |

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Fidelity Offset, Inc. Announces Its Move to Joelton, TN

Joelton, Tn., January 15, 2021- Fidelity Offset, Inc. announces its move to 5426 Highway 41-A, Joelton, Tennessee.

“The Greater Nashville area has been our home since 1999- a home that we plan to keep. We take great pride in where we work, and the state that our company represents. With every project we undertake, we further our commitment to the local community and, as we say at Fidelity- “Our Tennessee Craft.” We are moving into a new, larger warehouse and office space that will accommodate our relentless commitment to customer success. This move to a more diverse, 3.5-acre campus will enable us to better serve the logistic and print services of our clients as we continue to grow our team in the Greater Nashville area”, says Micheal Spurgeon, President of Fidelity Offset, Inc.

Over the past few years, our team has undertaken significant new responsibilities, including a new branch focused solely on distribution services while ensuring the growth of our substantial printing commitments. Collectively, Fidelity Offset, Inc. prides itself in ensuring the growth of its clients above all else. At Fidelity Offset Inc., our dedicated team members guarantee the satisfaction of everyone in our community. On-time, On-budget- Guaranteed. We provide consistent quality in every project because of our highly skilled team who relentlessly fights to preserve client satisfaction no matter the project. Our company of experienced professionals strives to deliver premier service to further develop trust amongst our clients to corroborate value in every project placed in our care.


Founded in 1999, Fidelity Offset, Inc. is Nashville’s premier commercial printer now based in Joelton, TN. The firm ensures quality by taking a customer-centric approach that maximizes client potential by simplifying ordering, maintaining communication, and creating diverse possibilities through consistent research and development.  Employing a highly customized process, the firm aims to thoroughly understand the complexities of each client’s unique needs and goals. The firm is founded on three core principles: 1) Communal trust built through experience and relationships; 2) Communication through every step of printing and distribution substantiate success; and 3) Quality craftsmanship in every objective no matter the sacrifice.