Logistics During a Pandemic

By Jake Fischer |

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In March of 2020, the world stopped moving. At the outbreak of a global pandemic, life as many knew it was changed with no end in sight. With the outbreak of the virus came the desperate need to safeguard some of our most vulnerable citizens- our senior citizens in nursing homes.

One of Fidelity’s most prominent clients, Brookdale Senior Living, understood the need to rapidly increase the distribution of PPE to all of its senior care centers nationwide. Yet, with many traditional logistic lines overwhelmed, Brookdale faced a difficult situation as they began warehousing and distributing internally.

Sensing the pain of clogged distribution channels, Fidelity stepped in to help. Below, are just five of the ways Fidelity has overcome the immense hurdle of mastering logistics on a global scale.  



More than just [print.], Fidelity offers a wide range of warehousing and distribution capabilities for businesses big and small throughout the United States. Here are a few reasons why our clients choose Fidelity Distributes time and time again...

Experience In Distribution

     Since 1999, Fidelity Offset has grown into a commercial printer with clients throughout the United States. It’s an honor to grow, and it’s an honor to stretch our prints coast to coast. Shipping and logistics challenges are just part of the business as prints must be shipped from New York to Los Angeles in a moment’s notice.

     Having grown throughout the nation, Fidelity has developed powerful shipping lines and effective forms of communication for over 20 years. So, undertaking a new opportunity like being the sole distributor of PPE for Brookdale came with experience in hand and the knowledge of the challenges that would arise in the coming months. Therefore, our experience in rapid commercial print distribution allowed for our immediate transformation as a company to become something more than just [print.].

Central Location

     We love Nashville, but not for the same reason as most of the tourists that visit our city do. Rather, we see Nashville as a strict competitive advantage in reach and breadth in terms of skilled distribution. This means, that with the power of our partners at FedEx, Fidelity can reach metropolitan areas like Atlanta and St. Louis within 24 hours. Over half of the United States population resides within 650 miles of our central location, thus adding to the power of our logistics chains further.  

     If you’re a local client like Brookdale or Vanderbilt Health, Fidelity can even ensure same-day delivery with our own fleet of vehicles and master distributors. This strength is what truly allows our commitment to client success to be entirely unmatched.

Vast Warehousing

      Located on the outskirts of Nashville, our main distribution hub is joined by two additional warehouses set to accept the growing logistics demand from across the nation. With so much space at our disposal, our dedicated team can fully commit to accepting and turning over shipments at a moment's notice. Printing and distributing are remarkably similar. Since 1999, Fidelity has been pulling pre-made print orders from our warehouses using lean distribution techniques to fully ensure six sigma quality.

Dedicated Crew

     Although we are routinely assured of differentiation on efficiency and quality, we know our largest asset lies in our dedicated team and their commitment to client satisfaction. Simply, we understand that logistics is not at the heart of what we do. Empowering our employees to fulfill themselves through their careers, we believe, will transform the customer experience into a full movement of client satisfaction. Try out our winning team and see what they can do for you- We know you won’t regret it.

Last Resort- We Own 2 Planes

     During a crisis like COVID-19, we have seen first-hand the limits of the American distribution chain. Sometimes, logistics systems will fail. Yet, we have a back-up plan for that too- Fidelity Distributes proudly owns and flies two planes within our fleet of committed transporters. Have no fear, whatever you trust our team with, it will arrive where it needs to be on time, 100% of the time. Guaranteed.

Fidelity Distributes has seen some of the most challenging aspects of our global economy at a microscopic level throughout the ongoing pandemic. As time passes, our resiliency and commitment to total customer satisfaction and success remain unwavering as we forge further into the challenging ecosystem of logistics.

To learn more about why Fidelity outpowers and outmaneuvers every opposition, please give us a call at (615) 244-9200 today, or email jake@printfidelity.com to define your path to a better distribution strategy.