Welcome to 2021

By Jake Fischer |

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Welcome to 2021! If you’re reading this, it means you survived 2020- Congratulations! Knowing that a new year is a time of great change, excitement, and opportunity, we decided to share our five biggest goals for the new year. Leave a comment in the section below about what your goals are for 2021!


  1. Move!

Lots of people set their resolution to work out and move more, but we are setting our goal on actually moving! This year will bring our company 3.5 acres of new land, a bigger building, and a great opportunity. Madison has been our home for many years, but now we look forward to calling Joelton, Tennessee our new base. Once we get up and running, we want you to visit us!

  1. Network Nights

New to 2021, Fidelity is excited to offer networking nights in our print shop! With ample room to invite hundreds of growing professionals, we look forward to meeting more people throughout the great city of Nashville. Want to host a networking night but don’t have the space to do it? We’ll take care of it for free! Email jake@printfidelity.com for details.

  1. Digital Revamp

As the world continues to move online, it is more and more important to grow our digital presence. Coming in early 2021, Fidelity will unveil a new website aimed at making the overall shopping experience more consumer-friendly. 2021 is the year of you, let us make your shopping experience easy!

  1. Get Back To In-Person

The Covid-19 crisis has made it difficult to be physically present for many of us. This year we look forward to getting out and about to meet clients, promote their growth, and ensure continued success internally and externally. Has your sales team or office environment changed? We want to hear your story! As a part of our history books, we want to write your story. Send Jake an email detailing how your world changed due to Covid-19!

  1. Celebrate The Small Things

Small victories keep us going forward every day! May we all remember to celebrate even the smallest of victories in our lives. No matter your goal, find some waypoints and, once you hit the small goals, celebrate! Celebrating doesn’t have to be big and expensive; it can be as small as a lunch out or a bottle of wine. Start small!


2021 is going to be the best year yet at Fidelity- we hope it is for you too. No matter what your goals become, know with certainty the Fidelity team has your back. We believe in your business- big or small! To assist in growing your business in 2021, check out our limited-time special of 20.21% Off of new solutions! Grow fast, but grow certain. Have a fantastic 2021!


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language- And next year’s words await another voice” – T.S. Elliot


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