Fidelity Employee Spotlight- William Spurgeon

By Jake Fischer |

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The Fidelity Offset Employee Spotlight is a new blog series meant to bring to life the colorful stories of the folks that bring life to the ink we all bleed. Pouring their hearts into each creative design, our employees dedicate themselves to customer success and satisfaction.

From the leaders of our sales department to those dedicated to the manufacturing of print, we’ll get to the heart of our team each month so you can learn more about what makes our Fidelity Family so strong. More than just [print.] 

This month, meet William Spurgeon. Son of President Micheal Spurgeon, William brings a smile to his daily work that remains at the core of our business. Working full time at our headquarters in Nashville, William is a graduate of Nashville Christian School and began his career with Fidelity in 2015 as a professional envelope pressman and has since moved on to be the CEO of the Envelope Room. 

Let’s learn more about him! 

Tell me who you are, where you’re from, and what you do:

My name is William Spurgeon, and I am from Belle Meade, Tennessee. I don’t really have a title, but you can call me the CEO of The Envelope Room since I run the entire room (or Envelope Pressman works, too.)


How long have you been working here? 

I’m coming up on my sixth year at Fidelity. I graduated high school in 2015 from Nashville Christian School and started here right after graduation.


Any good memories from high school at Nashville Christian?

In my senior year, our school won the state championship in football and that was really exciting. I played three sports in high school- tennis, bowling, and golf. 


Have you ever gotten a perfect game in bowling? I personally still use the bumpers on the lanes: 

No, I haven’t gotten a perfect game yet. You still use the kid things? I know it’s hard but come on. 


What’s your favorite part about working at Fidelity? 

Between one and two in the afternoon, I go into the offices’ gym and ride the bike for an hour every single day. That is the best part of my day.


So your favorite part about working at Fidelity is not working? *Laughs*

Well, that’s just my favorite part of the day. My favorite part of working here is doing my job printing envelopes. 


Okay, so you love working! Do you listen to music while you work, or are you all focus? 

I don’t really listen to anything while I work. I am just thinking about printing envelopes and making sure the printer is not being a dummy. 


If you could switch jobs with anybody here, who would you switch with? Your Dad? Dan? DeAnne?

I would keep my same job because when I don’t have work in the envelope room, I am already in the back helping out with whatever work they have in the warehouse. I get to do a little bit of everything. 


What motivates you in the morning to go to work? 

I don’t really have anything that motivates me. I’ve just been doing this for five (going on six) years, so the routine makes it easy to come to work. 


When you were growing up, what did you always want to be? 

I always wanted to be a Storm Chaser. Ever since I watched the weather type shows on TV, I have always wanted to do it. 


What if a tornado comes up on you, though? Wouldn’t that be really scary?

Meh. There are all types of ways to chase storms safely. I won’t get like right next to the tornado. I would have a Titus (storm chasing vehicle). I would like to be on the show called Storm Chasers.


If Fidelity gave you tomorrow off and gave you the company credit card, what would you do?

*Laughs* Don’t get me started. Here’s what I would do: I would buy myself a mansion, and then I would get a jet boat (a really fast boat). I would also buy myself a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. 


All of that? Unable to decide between either a Ferrari and a Lamborghini? You had to get both?

*Laughs* Yes. I’ll spend my entire day shopping.


What is your favorite movie? 

Okay, my favorite movie is Daddy’s Home 2. It’s so funny! Have you seen the first one? *Laughs without finishing sentence* The second Daddy’s Home is a good one, and I definitely love it.


What is your favorite food? 

Cheese pizza from Papa Johns! I don’t like Jet’s pizza- it tastes like the box it comes in.


Jake, you forgot to ask me a question- Ask me what my favorite sport is. 

Okay, so what is your favorite sport? 

Hockey! I have probably been to more than 2,000 hockey games in my life. 


Do you have a favorite player on the Predators? 

It has to be either Ryan Johansen, Filip Forsberg, or Viktor Arvidsson. 


Sitting down with William was so much fun! I was able to uncover one of the many colorful pieces that make the gigantic machine that is Fidelity work every single day. To hear more stories like William’s, and to uncover the true passion behind Fidelity, click here to join our mailing list. Want to meet the man himself? Click here to schedule a time to drop by the Print Shop to meet our Fidelity Family! Or, just give us a call at (615) 244-9200 any day of the week.