How To: Generational Marketing- Millennials

By Jake Fischer |

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Who They Are-

The generation you love to hate! Throughout America, everybody loves to poke fun at the lazy millennial who’s tied to their screen. Yet, making up America’s largest living population, this group can’t be ignored! Born between 1981 and 1996, there are so many different ways to take full advantage of the resources available to you as a marketer. Millennials are seen as a confusing bunch, as they are incredibly diverse and often described in so many ways – confident, open-minded, upbeat, and self-expressive. Read below to master marketing to millennials!


Unique Identifier- 

Uniquely diverse and fluid, Millennials dominate the population of the country and are quickly gaining power throughout the nation. Born with technology in mind, it is difficult to debate a more tech-savvy generation exists. Built in a time of American resiliency, Millennials are as proud as they are diverse. Understanding that no one marketing approach to this generation will even come close to being successful with the totality, marketers must grasp a multichannel approach to drive home their campaigns.  


Fast Facts-

-Dominate the workplace- Millennials are already commanding in the office, making up 36% of the workforce, but by 2025 they will form nearly 75% of the working class. 

-Make a Difference- Millennials want to live a purpose. Attempting to change the world one decision at a time, you will often find millennials associate with brands that expertly craft their community relations to further extend their reach. Pair your brand with a charity to show you’re willing to make a change in the world around you! 

-Diversity- Only 53% of millennials are white, making them by far the most diverse segment of the population today. 

-Educated- 34% have a bachelor’s degree or higher, proving that education matters. If you’re trying to target this audience, make sure you don’t talk down to them.

-Parents- More than 40% are parents as this generation grows older. Keep in mind that first-time parents are going to change their spending habits to accompany their new family member


What They Like-

-Freedom of expression- Born into a free society but constrained by their Boomer parents, Millennials understand what it means to be free inside their homes and throughout their country. Very political, this group stands behind their left-wing politics in stark opposition to their parents, many of whom were conservatives.

-Not money- Money isn’t central to this group! Well, of course it is, but not like it is to any other generation. Focusing on experiences, 3 in every 4 millennials would rather share in an experience, as opposed to purchasing a tangible good.

-Tech- Ruled by technology, social media plays a pivotal role in how millennials get their information every day. Yet, tech and media are being flooded with massive ad expenditures, allowing traditional marketing to be more like the Wild West.


How To Market-

-Digital- Of course, a cheap and effective way to target a fully online generation is by going digital too. While it may not make you stand out as it did in 2010, a strong brand profile online is critical to your success with this generation.

-Print Experience- With a heavy focus on experiences, this segment is very open to experiential print marketing. Making your printed ad more than just a postcard in the mail, but rather a foldable origami note will bring you designs to life and permanently stick in the mind of the millennial.

-Honesty- Born into a world of media and advertisements, this group sees right through lies told on television. Focus on the truth (even when it’s hard) to gain the respect of this audience.

-Diversity- A diverse group calls for diverse ads! If you use photos in your media, make sure that the photos represent the true colors and origins of our beautiful country. 


What To Say And How To Say It-

As you’ve been able to tell by now, the millennial focuses on the experience, especially when that experience can make a positive change in the world. No matter your message, make sure it is fully optimized for mobile platforms as nearly every single millennial has a smartphone. Tell a story of diversity and inclusion while promoting your honest message if you really want to make an impression. Positive and vibrancy on a cross-media platform guarantees the overall success of vast campaigns that attempt to target millions. 

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