Sustainability In Print

By Jake Fischer |

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Paper is good for the environment! Yes, really! Did you know that paper is one of the few truly sustainable goods produced in the United States? At Fidelity, we love print, and with print many fears about the environment have risen to the forefront of many eco-conscious minds throughout our country. Yet, let me assure you, paper and print are sustainable goods that help the environment. Discover why you shouldn’t worry about paper contributing to global warming and how paper truly helps our environment flourish!

1- Carbon Footprint

Trees reduce our carbon footprint! On average, trees store over 12% of all carbon dioxide emitted in the United States! That carbon capture doesn’t stop when paper is produced either- the carbon is sustained within paper and keeps it from proliferating within our environment. If you’re worried about the factories that produce paper having high outputs- don’t be! Energy efficiency in the paper industry has never been higher. The industry has seen a 15% reduction in energy usage in the past decade. Likewise, nearly all energy used in production (over 90%) is powered by combined heat and power (CHP), tapping into thermal electric power.

2- Sustainable Forestry

In the United States, all forestry operations conducted in National Forests are overseen by the federal government which requires at least one tree to be planted for every tree cut down in accordance with sustainable forestry practices. The United States has planted more trees than it has cut down every year since the 1940s! So, of course, it only makes sense that there are actually more trees in the United States today than there were 70 years ago!

3- 100% Recyclable- Did you know that you can recycle a piece of paper seven times?

Americans actually recycle paper more than any other good! On average, 63% of all paper produced is recycled in the U.S. With all of the green movements around the globe occurring simultaneously, it is only likely that that number will increase in the coming decade.

4- Our Commitment To The World-

At Fidelity, we love the environment! Our commitment to sustainability is unmatched in the industry. We know our business relies heavily on paper being used for years to come, so why wouldn’t we want to protect our forests?! That’s why, as long as we’re around, we will commit our company resources to protect the environment through the use of recyclable materials & sustainable practices.

At the end of the day, it’s essential to keep a watch on our environment to protect our valuable resources in every way possible. Yet, have no fear that print is eco-friendly and fully sustainable and will be for many years to come. To learn more about how Fidelity commits itself to efficiency and productivity, take a tour of our print shop! Bring a friend and enjoy an unforgettable experience with us this week.