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Are you looking for a powerful way to launch your brand locally and make a connection with your clients? If you are, the team at Fidelity Offset, Inc. has just the solution for you. It’s called advertising specialties, and it works as an incentive for advertisers.

Advertising specialties are promotional products or items distributed as gifts in the form of small handy products like mugs, clothing, bags, stationery, USBs, etc. However, these items are permanently branded with a logo or name of a brand, and sometimes even a tagline or a promotional message, which makes them advertising tools.

While promotional products are given out for free, they shouldn’t be confused with product samples. Also generally, these gifts aren’t the products that a brand would sell, and their purpose isn’t only to encourage the recipient to buy more of the product. Advertising specialties are designed to incentivize a person to use them so the brand is displayed to other likely consumers who may see it when they interact with (or pass by) the person using them.

Many marketing professionals believe that promotional products are an effective means of reaching marketing goals like brand awareness and sales targets. Some say it’s even more effective than social media and almost as effective as other forms of media. That’s because this method of marketing utilizes useful products to bond with their audiences and promote customer loyalty and repeat business, which ultimately helps companies to reach their sales targets.

If you’re considering advertising specialties, and you’d like to give it a try, reach out to Fidelity Offset, Inc. at (615) 244-9200. After perfecting our services in the printing industry as offset digital printers in Nashville, TN, we decided to expand into promotional products. As a result, we recently launched, and are helping numerous brands and businesses gain easier access to fresh and creative promotional products and ideas for their promotion campaigns.

Once you find the product you’d like to promote your brand with, we help you design and develop different creative concepts to print onto your promotional merchandise. As experts in printing, we understand what today’s clients are interested in, and how size, placement, style, and colors impact their responses, which makes us a great addition to your promotion planning.

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