Common Mistakes People Make With A Direct Mail Campaign

By Fidelity Offset, Inc. |


Choosing direct mail as a means of marketing is tricky as it can be extraordinarily fruitful or an utter failure based on your planning. However, if you understand the concept of direct mailing and how to fine-tune your strategy to generate leads, it can help your business reach new levels of popularity and sales.

Unfortunately, while planning your direct mail list, offer, and design, it’s easy to forget your research and follow-up action causing you to lose money and the chances of gaining valuable leads. To prevent this from happening to your marketing campaign, Fidelity Offset, Inc. has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make in a direct mail project.

1. Not focusing on data integrity.

Paying too much attention to copy and design at the expense of data integrity and timing of your direct mail campaign can lead to failure quickly. What you should spend most of your time in is building a list of relevant clients who may actually be interested in your products or services.

2. Not researching.

Make sure to research different means of communicating the advantages of your products and services to the public. It’s the only way to find the most effective marketing channel, and avoid wastage of your resources. You can read marketing case studies or test different marketing means before settling for direct mailing. If you still see direct mail as the better option, further research the different types of mailing like first class and standard, to know what works best for you.

3. Wasting resources on multiple professionals.

Some firms contract with separate firms to complete the project rather than putting the responsibility for success on a single entity, which can save them both time and money. For example, at Fidelity Offset, Inc. we specialize in commercial grade printing and also direct mailing for our clients, reducing additional effort and delivery prices.

4. Failing to follow-up.

Many businesses send out direct mail without a follow-up action plan in place. It is vital to have a follow-up plan to make the best of the leads generated through the campaign. You can track your leads through coupon codes, by requesting the recipients to mail you, or make a purchase or subscription. Once they follow your call to action, reward them with a response such as a simple thank you note or email, or by making them VIP clients, with special benefits.

5. Jumping to ‘plan B’ too soon.

While having a backup plan is a great idea, it’s also important to carry out one plan completely and only then move to the next one. Focusing on one thing at a time will allow you to analyze your mistakes and avoid them with the next plan. Also, you won’t know if ‘plan A’ was a complete failure if you immediately jump to ‘plan B’.

To avoid making these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Fidelity Offset, Inc. We are offset digital printers in Nashville, TN, and we also specialize in direct mail marketing. Our team can manage jobs of any size within a tight time frame. We can have your projects printed, checked, packed, and shipped the very next day. Plus we bill for postage as if it were another part of the job.

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