Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Commercial Printer

By Fidelity Offset, Inc. |

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A commercial printer is one of the most crucial service providers to a brand. They are the ones that convert your marketing ideas and brand image into recognizable mediums for the world to see. Therefore, when it comes to hiring a printer, you must ensure that the professional you are considering is capable of delivering efficient services and high-quality products.

However, as there are several players in the market, selecting the right commercial printer for you can be quite a challenge. To help quicken your search and narrow down the parameters, here’s a list of five essential things to look for when hiring a commercial printer.

1. Workflow technology.

When hiring a commercial printer, it is imperative to ensure that there are in sync with your corporate standards. Moreover, a commercial printer should use workflow technology, which permits ease in ordering, file maintenance and pricing. It should also adhere to corporate brand standards when it comes to quality and deadline consistency.

2. Responsiveness.

A commercial printer must respond quickly to the needs of a client. Often turnaround time is crucial in the world of commercial printing. If a commercial printer is not responsive to your emails or phone calls, then there is no point in hiring them. There has to be seamless communication between you and a commercial printer; therefore, responsiveness is a must.

3. Integrity and reliability.

A commercial printer gets access to a lot of information about a client through their interactions with senior management. At times, a company’s brand depends upon how well a commercial printer does their job. Therefore, it is essential that a printer is reliable and honest. Whatever information about a client has been expressly or inadvertently given to a commercial printer should be kept confidential.

4. Quality and deadline guarantee.

You need a commercial printer, who delivers high-quality products and adheres to deadlines. Often organizations require a commercial printer to work on marketing material. It may ruin the reputation of a client if a printer ends up doing a lousy job. Moreover, most tasks assigned are time sensitive. Therefore, it is necessary that deadlines are met, or else, clients will have to go to another printer.

5. Distribution efficiency.

Last but not least, a commercial printer has to maintain very high standards of efficiency in distribution. There has to be little or no error in the distribution of printed material, whether it is happening in physical form or digital format. Several technologies are used by printers to track shipments like barcodes. Whatever be the method of tracking, the product has to reach the client in time.

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