What Makes Fidelity Offset, Inc. Stand Out

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About Fidelity Offset, Inc.

We are a technology-driven print company with over a decade of experience in corporate web-to-press integrated technology. We provide stand-alone print catalogs and integrate our catalogs to our clients’ existing platforms, taking advantage of our #1 FedEx location for distribution and fulfillment from the physical plant in Nashville, Tennessee.

We have been in this business since 1999, spending a little less than two decades learning the ropes and gaining a lot of experience in the bargain.

One of the partners in the firm grew up in the printing equipment business allowing us to buy,  refurbish, and resell printing equipment as part of our revenue stream. It gave us the advantage of having better equipment at a fraction of the cost. We also work with new equipment that helps us to cut costs, increase efficiencies and delivery on oversized digital production and bound publications.

We operate throughout the country and have clients in various parts of America. We consider ourselves mature but in a state of growth as we are continually researching new ways to diversify our product line while improving efficiency in production.

The Fidelity Offset, Inc. Difference.

Here’s what the CEO of Brookdale Senior Living had to say about us: “Fidelity Offset, Inc. is a true business partner for Brookdale. I have been impressed by how important our needs are and by how much personal effort goes into making us successful. This year, we had a large meeting where our printed materials got returned by the delivery service. It seemed that we would need to proceed without the benefit of the materials. Instead, Michael flew through a thunderstorm on his private plane to bring the materials to our meeting. Needless to say, we were beyond grateful. I have never seen an organization more focused on customer service. I feel honored to be able to work with such a dedicated vendor.”

An aspect that makes us second to none is our dedication to performance and completing the mission. We make sure we get it done no matter what. Our quality and deadline assurance sets us apart from the rest of our competitors. When a person’s career is on the line, we always come through. Most of our clients choose to work with us because of our commitment.

One of our biggest achievements has been transitioning from an equipment (big iron) company to a tech company providing communication and workflow to enhance corporate marketing.

Our dream for the future is to integrate the enhancements of technology with the talent of people. We are still a manufacturing plant requiring all kinds of talents, leveraging technology to provide opportunities for people who are not wired for a desk job but prefer the craftsmanship of machines or require opportunities to use their hands to find a fulfilling career and make a positive contribution.

We appreciate employees who put in countless hours keeping us at the top of our game and in return we give them various perks. We have an in-house company fitness facility, which our employees are provided memberships to. We also provide monthly company lunches, summer rafting, winter (Christmas) golfing and a lot more.

We also believe in giving back to society and as part of that belief have been a corporate sponsor for over a decade (provide all printing at no cost) to Hope Clinic for Women, we offer free Holiday cards every Christmas with the option of customers paying for the cards and designated a charity of their choice for the payment to go to.

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