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is all about People.

Bolster engagement, strengthen relationships, and gather realtime feedback with an effective social network.

But where does one start? Should I create a company profile on Facebook or import my contacts into a Linked-In account? What about a corporate blog? Is it just for my kids or can this really help my business grow?

The proliferation of social media

Perhaps you feel like you have more questions than answers. You’re not alone.

Leaving aside the amazing speed, undeniable daily impact, and sheer reach of the social juggernaut - there is a silver lining: it’s still networking. O.k. Networking with the entire world - but networking nonetheless and there has never been a better time to get involved.

We can help you your network from the ground up.

Expert advice

Work with industry leading social marketing consultants who know the DO’s and DON’Ts.

Media monitoring

We’ve always got our ears to the ground - keeping track of your company’s evolving image. We prepare periodical reports and compile those for long term analysis.

Specialized training

From personalized company seminars to full-on intensive social media “boot camps” - we’re ready to start on your level.

Who’s on board?

TOTAL USAGE: 79% of Fortune 100 companies are using at least one of the main social platforms to communicate with their customers.

FACEBOOK: 3.6 wall posts per week on average for Fortune 100 companies.

YOUTUBE: 50% have a YouTube account and upload 10 videos on average each month.

TWITTER: 82% update and engage customers on Twitter weekly.

Statistics by Burson-Marsteller, AUG 2010, addressing the level social media engagement by Fortune 100 companies.

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