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Consider us your


We’ll get you one step ahead.

Jobs of any size can be printed, checked, packed, & shipped THE VERY NEXT DAY.

Plus - we bill for postage just as if it were another part of the job. That means no postage checkout in advance - no pickup and drop-off - no additional effort for you. Now that’s something worth wrapping.

Shipping demands fulfilled

Each and every day Fidelity ships hundreds of packages to every corner of the country.

We work directly with all major carriers and we’ve been doing so for over a decade. We’ve learned how to fulfill shipping needs at the fastest speeds and the lowest prices.

Print & address in a single run

Using the latest variable data software & digital presses, we can print a your order and individually address it in one pass. Faster turnaround, lower costs ... can your mail house do this for you?

Presort can save a bundle

We’ve got the professionals who can handle any list you send our way. We can sort your list, generate the barcodes, print the whole job maintaining sort, box them appropriately, and send them off to their destination. You won't have to lift a finger.

See a quick video

Check out Fidelity’s mail services in action.

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