NPR’s radio program “On Point” with Tom Ashbrook presented an in-depth story on social media yesterday (July 12): Are We Facing A New Tech Bubble?

He follows the investment trends and the money trail for social media companies such as Facebook, Zynga, LinkedIn, Groupon. Are these companies overvalued in the market?

That question will be answered by people like you and me. If we find little or no ROI in our social media efforts, that fact will eventually “trickle up” to the Wall Street and we’ll see the bubble burst. Listening to experts’ predictions on the success of these companies can give us some insight as to whether or not there is real “meat” in the social media arena. Let’s face it, even the best informed in the field hesitate to commit to social media’s effect on a company’s bottom line. Check out the story and see what conclusions you come up with… I’d love to hear some feedback… we’re all in this together.

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