Thanks to everyone for a great open house. Everyone seemed to have a good time, especially the kids who seemed continually red faced and out of breath from the obstacle course and space bounce.

Thanks also to Gnash and the Pred Dancers and Ice Girls for being so friendly and making sure everyone felt welcome and had a great time.

We also need to thank Grand Central Party for doing such a great job to help prepare our facility to make it fun and safe, A Dream Come True Catering for some great food, Rent-A-Rita for the daiquiris and margaritas and Valet One who did a great job parking so many cars.

Dan and I would especially like to thank members of our team who worked so hard to plan and organize the event and those who spent the evening taking and printing pictures for guests, watching to be sure the kids were safe and ensuring that everyone had fun. Thanks guys, we really appreciate you.

For photos of the event check out our facebook page at

If you had your picture taken at the event and would like additional copies, just let us know.