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Imagination in Print

Print, web, and mobile together.


is personalized, multi-touchpoint communication.

More channels. More visibility. More communication. More success.

Cross-media brings metrics & personalization to ALL your marketing efforts. That means remarkably personalized interaction with web pages, SMS texting, QR codes and other “it” communication channels.

Quick Response (QR) code

Why does every major grocery chain have a rewards program? Metrics.

Right down to the exact demand of peanut butter in your area code. You purchase a bottle of salad dressing and your supermarket instantly offers you a two-for-one ranch dressing coupon. An entire analytics department on every little rewards card and an exponential return on investment - and it’s now available to you.

Harness the power of metrics.

Today’s communications & connectivity with powerful database technology has brought “big box” marketing to the rest of us.

Introducing QR codes

Drive prospects to YOU - from anywhere in the world with phone service. A click of a button can sign them up, get them a quote, give them a discount, and get them invested

Instantly access content by taking a cell phone picture

Amazing personalized graphics & data

Where once we printed one postcard 1,000 times we can now print 1,000 unique postcards one time. Direct mail just got a lot more direct.

Variable data artwork
Variable data artwork
Variable data artwork

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